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Spiritual Life Seminary of Bible Theology

After nearly 30 years of equipping ministers of the Gospel, Spiritual Life Bible College has expanded its training endeavors and has successfully launched Spiritual Life Seminary of Bible Theology; featuring a 2-year program to obtain a Master of Bible Theology.

Master Degree of Bible Theology

The M.B.T. degree requires 70 Credits applicable to ministry at a graduate level of profession and biblical Knowledge.

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Quarter Credit System

Spiritual Life Bible College operates on a quarter credit system.

  • The academic quarter rotates between 12 or 13 weeks a quarter – with a two week holiday break over Christmas.
  • There are four quarters in each calendar year.

Our Seminary

  • We provide a solid biblical foundation and scriptural emphasis in theology.
  • We provide an uncompromising Christian environment where spiritual formation can happen.
  • We provide onsite classroom instruction in which tomorrow’s leaders learn how to preach, teach, pray, and provide pastoral care.
  • We provide education for clergy and lay leaders.

The Purpose of Seminary

When students desire a seminary education they are making a declarative statement saying: I want to further develop my character, I know my purpose in God, my Christ-centered calling is clear, and I embrace the ‘good works’ of ministry that have been pre-ordained by God.

Spiritual Life Seminary of Bible Theology aims to guide and support these leaders’ next steps of their calling in Christ.

Your seminary education will do that by developing gifts that will arm you to perform in the professions to which God called you.

Application Requirements

  • All students are required to interview with the Seminary Registrar prior to admission; please see Rev. Nancy Sky in Admissions.
  • All students applying for the Master of Bible Theology Program must have at least earned a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • All students earning Bachelor’s Degree in any Bible program need only to apply and have appropriate transcripts sent from the institution where the degree was obtained.
  • All students earning a Bachelor’s degree in any non-Bible program, along with application need to take a Bible Knowledge Exam and have appropriate transcripts sent from the institution where the degree was obtained.